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Seattle, WA

My name is Chris. I currently live in Seattle, though I’m formerly from California. I'm a writer, comic, and superhero (allegedly). I complain. A lot. About everything. I also tell jokes.

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Genetically Modified Organisms

GMOs. We’ve all heard the phrase. It’s some sort of nasty thing “they” are putting into our foods. They should put it on labels so we know what we are consuming. It’s unhealthy. It’s poison. It’s a plot by corporations to keep us docile. Or maybe it’s just food. Here’s some history. Way back in …

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How to Save the DC Extended Universe

In the last week, we’ve gotten rumors that after declining to direct the solo Batman movie, Ben Affleck really wants to be let out of his contract as Batman. We also heard that Mel Gibson was a front runner for directing the second Suicide Squad movie. It’s really sad that Ben Affleck wants out, because …

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Nazi Punching

Ugh. Earlier this month I talked about the SJWs, and now I have to talk to liberals. At this point, I’m worried I’m starting to sound like Fox News, but nothing makes me want to try to enjoy NASCAR and fuck a relative more than a self righteous liberal hypocrite. I’ve already written about free …

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The Real Story of Aladdin

I recently finished rereading The Arabian Nights (also known as 1001 Nights or 1001 Arabian Nights), which contains the famous story of Aladdin and the genie. Pretty much everyone in the US has seen the 1992 movie, staring Robin Williams. What I hadn’t realized is how very, very, very different the book is from the movie. Movies …

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The Social Justice Movement

Ugh. I’ve wanted to rant about this for a while, but haven’t had the energy to deal with the blowback, but fuck it. I’m offended by the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs). Triggered even. Luckily, I have this safe space to talk about it. So let’s sit back and imagine these precious snowflakes loose their shit, …

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Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

This was a bad movie. I know you nerds are going to freak out when I say this. Hear me out. Just because a movie is in the Star Wars universe, doesn’t mean it’s good. To assume that anything that is cashing in… err… I mean, totally necessary in Star Wars, is a great movie …

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Bad Arguments: Magical Thinking

Today I’m going to talk about a bad argument that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with god claims, Magical Thinking. This type of faulty belief is the basis of all sorts of things from astrology, to ghost whisperers, and does, of course, include religion. Magical thinking is similar to the Argument from Ignorance, but …

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President Trump: How Did This Happen?

As of 11:38 pm, PST, Donald Trump has won the 2016 Presidential Election by 150k votes. This means that in a few hours, Democrats across the country will wake up, check the results, and full of shock and horror, ask how this happened. “Surely, no one in their right mind would vote for that monster.” In …

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Review: Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the final superhero movie of 2016. (thank fuck) After a year of movies that ranged from bad to meh, let’s see how Marvel decided to end their year. Doctor Strange is set in the MCU, so you can expect him to appear alongside Iron Man, Spiderman, and maybe even the Guardians of …

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The October 2016 (DynDNS) DDoS Attack

A few weeks ago, a DDoS attack crippled the internet, affecting websites like Amazon, eBay, Twitter, and many, many more. It seems this was accomplished by turning IoT devices into a botnet. Most internet users know that these words exist, and they know that they mean things, but few actually understand what happened. So that’s …

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