Birth Control Legislation

Effective August 2012, all health plans must cover birth control and preventative screenings for women. The conservatives are against this because, well, because liberals support the idea. Now I may have voiced my opinions on reproduction in the past. I know. I never speak my mind. Anyway, my argument has been that people are having children, but not raising them properly. They grow up in dysfunctional family systems (addiction, abuse, neglect, etc), but society has brainwashed everyone to think that having children is the end-all/be-all of human life. So rather than treat the psychological and physical effects of this trauma, they just have their own children and pass the trauma on.

For instance a man molests his daughter. She is now wired to be attracted to sexual abusers. Her husband/boyfriend/whatever will molest her daughter. That daughter will now be wired to be attracted to sexual abusers. And so on. One rotten apple will spoil generations. Especially since it seems the more fucked up you are, the more children you want. What if the molester has two daughters? Now that’s two women that are attracted to sexual abusers. In California, driving is a privilege, not a right. I think the same logic should apply to having children. A drunk driver might kill a few people. An abusive person can destroy countless lives.

Back on point, those against this law have this completely hyperbolic belief that affordable birth control will magically turn women into wanton sluts. They think that if available, people will be incapable of relationships and will, instead, fornicate with anyone within ear shot until their legs cramp up. The sad reality is that humans are sexual creatures. We have tried abstinence only programs, and that has failed miserably. People are still having sex. All this legislation will do is help keep the spread of STDs and unwanted pregnancies to a minimum. God forbid. It’s like saying that if health insurance paid for broken bones, everyone would rush out to crash as many motor cycles as they could. It’s ridiculous and quite frankly dangerous to the intelligence of the species. Why can’t we address this like rational humans? Instead of telling people that sex is bad, let’s teach them how to be responsible about it.

Now onto the morning after pill. Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT an abortive pill. This is a preventative pill. RU486 IS and abortive pill. The difference being that RU486 affects pregnancy AFTER conception, while the morning after pill stops pregnancy BEFORE it happens. It is basically the normal birth control pill, but at a higher dose. It prevents ovulation, so there is no pregnancy. The sperm never reaches the egg so the egg is never fertilized so there is no need for an abortion. Now, assuming that the conservatives and religious people want to get rid of abortion, why on earth would they be against this? This, coupled with safe sex, will REMOVE ABORTION. There won’t be any need for it. None. A condom is 99.9% effective. If the condom breaks, take the morning after pill which is 75% effective. Simple.

Oh. Right. The thing is that they really aren’t against abortion, they just don’t want people having sex before marriage. Good luck with that. They’ve already lost that war, and now they are just trying to hold society back. People are still having sex before marriage, but now they have to deal with STDs and pregnancy. Oh. I forgot. The more people, the more people to fight our wars and more money to give to religion.

The truth is, that if religion really wanted to help society, they would take all those billions and billions of dollars they have and put it towards the poor and starving. Well they can’t do that. They need that money. God wants them to have it. Obviously.

The most important part about this that no one mentions is that if you don’t want to use birth control, YOU DON’T HAVE TO. It’s not mandatory to USE it, it’s mandatory to BE AVAILABLE. All the religious people can fuck until they are blue in the face and have all the fucked up kids they want. The rest of us will have a choice to wait until we are ready to have children.

I know. Using a rational mind. How dare we?

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