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Minirant: My Genius or Idiotic Idea About Police

Have you ever seen cops just chilling waiting for something to do? Or maybe you’ve seen them driving around aimlessly? Seems like a waste of our tax money. I’ve got a solution: Taxicops. Yup. Taxicops. Here’s my logic. Cops aren’t doing anything and taxis suck. So we use the police as taxis. First, if the …

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Columbus Day

I think it’s quite disturbing that we celebrate Columbus Day. I mean, first of all, Columbus wasn’t the first European to find the New World. That was Leif Erickson 500 years earlier. But that’s not really the point. The point is that Christopher Columbus killed almost as many people as Adolf Hitler. Yeah. I said …

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“Without God, what’s to stop you from killing people?” It’s an interesting concept that almost every theist asks an atheist. The logic is that god gave the Ten Commandments to give us morality. Without that morality, we would have anarchy. Now any rational person knows this is utter nonsense. What happened before the Ten Commandments? …

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Stand Your Ground… and stop this nonsense

So at first I didn’t want to mention this George Zimmerman case because it seemed too obvious. Instead let’s talk about the Stand Your Ground law in general, and Marissa Alexander in particular. In case you missed it, Ms. Alexander, like Zimmerman, lives in Florida. Also like Zimmerman, she felt threatened and took action. And… …

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Gun Control

Ah the fun times of the gun debate. One side says that owning a gun is their god given right. The other says that limiting guns will limit gun related crimes. Each year 6000 gun related homicides go unsolved. This doesn’t include other crimes where a gun is used but no one dies, such as …

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Free Speech

Free speech is a very tricky thing when you think about it. Like, I can call someone an asshole. But if I call them a rapist, then it’s libel. It’s like if you make it up, it’s fine. If it’s fact, it’s fine. But if there’s the possibility that it’s true without any proof, then …

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Our Founding Principles

I’m often puzzled by the opinion on the right, that we need to steer our country back to our founding principles. One of my biggest complaints about our country is that it is too similar to the 1780s version of the US. I want change. I want a progressive future. I want the US to be …

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Psychological Warfare

I’m so tired of this idiotic complaint by gun activists. “They are going to take away our guns.” Look. No one is going to take your guns. You know why? They don’t NEED TO. The Second Amendment was written when the only way a ruler could control the people was with the military. Leaders were worried that …

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Sign My Petition to Require Voters Pass a Citizenship Test.

Just a quick request. Please sign this petition (if you agree) and encourage others to do so as well.

Education vs. Pregnancy

The Center for Disease Control has found that the states that are most against things like “teaching safe sex”, “why you shouldn’t put butter in everything” or “reading”, are the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy. I know. How unbelievable? You mean to say the uneducated pop out more kids? Why would they …

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