Double Standards / Bad Boys

mugshot-for-jeremy-ray-meeksBy now, I’m sure you’ve seen this guy. For the two of you who don’t have the internet, this is Jeremy Meeks. He was recently arrested in Stockton, CA, for possessing a firearm, as well a other gun and gang related charges. He also has a history of criminal behavior and has spent 71 days after being convicted of a forgery charge in Spokane, as well as a nine year sentence for grand theft auto and a two year sentence for grand larceny. So what’s so special about this low level criminal? He’s hot.

Thus, women around the country have talked about how they wish they could post his bail or that he was too pretty to be in jail.  His mom, actually set up an online Kickstarter type thing which has received THOUSANDS of dollars in donations. This reminds me of when Chris Brown gave unwanted plastic surgery to Rihanna, and stupid women all over said things like “Chris Brown is SO fine!!! I would let him beat me up!!!!”

Here’s the thing. There is such a blatant double standard here. If Meeks looked like a hobo, these women would run away and call him “disgusting”. But since he makes their panties drip, they don’t care that he’s in jail. If Chris Brown looked like Rachel Jeantel, no woman would actively hope that he would physically attack them. Because that’s stupid.

Unfortunately for society, these two criminals do look attractive, and these women are really fucking stupid. Look, I get the bad boy thing. You want to be a rebel, and these pricks are exciting. But can’t you put your ovaries on mute for a second and look at the situation more objectively? They are BAD. These aren’t good people. These are royally fucked up individuals who make terrible life decisions. We should want them culled from society, not want them to get laid.

Jeremy-Meeks-Past-MugshotsWhy do we in this society keep offering special treatment to sexy people? Why do guys buy drinks for the hot women, and ignore the plain women? Why do women dance with the hot guys instead of the loners? Sure, if you’re going to have sex with someone, you want to find them attractive. I get that. This, however, is a case where people think criminals should get special treatment based purely on looks. Put an imaginary paper bag over this asshole. This guy is a career criminal. This guy has admitted ties to the Crips. Admit it ladies, if he looked like any other guy, you wouldn’t give him a second thought. In fact, here are his older mugshots. Not so hot is he? This is what he is. A criminal. A common thug.

This is the double standard. Hot people get away with more than ugly or even average looking people. Guys do this too, and I find that equally bad, but this article is about this mugshot going viral. So all you women who are guilty of being stupid and horny for this fucker, please, sterilize yourselves. We as a society can’t afford more people like you.

EDIT: Now, let me be clear. Being attracted to him is fine. Thinking he deserves special treatment BECAUSE of his looks, is my complaint.

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