Minirant: Fuck Twilight

Interview with a VampireYou know, it used to be, that when I said I was a vampire, people knew it was either because of my preference to wear dark clothing or the fact that I worked at night. That was then, however, and now I am forced to listen to the same stupid comments.

“Does that mean you sparkle”. “Are you on Team Jacob”.

Fuck team Jacob. I’m team Man in Black all the way.

Where’s Saint Lestat when you need him? Come on, Anne Rice. Write something to end this insanity.


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  1. No way man. I LOVE me some Twilight. Deal with it!

    • sally light on April 23, 2010 at 6:56 am
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    I agree the popularity of it all has taken away from the fact that these are truely good books. I enjoyed reading them all. However the films are nothing of the books and it has turned it all into a teen frenzy. Team whatever crap drives me nuts and its rediculous to have to listen to the screaming and holloring in the movie. I prefer not to let people know I have even read the damn things.

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