I Hate Dell

Office SpaceThese are some of the stupidest people on the planet. This is a log with a tech support agent. Obviously tier 1.

Dell: “Thank you for contacting Dell Technical support. My name is **** and my rep ID number is ******. How may I help you today?”
Chris Asbury: “Can you look up my repair history for my Mini9”
Dell: “Hello Chris.”
Dell: “How are you doing today?”
Chris Asbury: “I am fine.”
Chris Asbury: “Do you have my repair history up?”
Dell: “I will surely assist you with this issue.”
Dell: “Please give me 2-3 minutes while I review your system/case details. Just in case if this issue requires further follow up. May I know your alternate number and Best time to reach ?”
Chris Asbury: “206-***-**** and Fridays or Saturdays.”
Dell: “Thank you for being connected.”
Dell: “Just to confirm, the system you are using is I910 with windows UBUNTU as the Operating system. Is that correct?”
Chris Asbury: “Yes.”
Chris Asbury: “Though Ubuntu is Linux, not Windows.”
Dell: “I see that you the hard drive is not detected after you load windows?”
Dell: “Am I right?”
Chris Asbury: “That was the last problem. It has been resolved. Now I have a new issue.”
Chris Asbury: “Anyway, as you see, I have had to return this device twice due to faulty hardware. The battery is now dead, and I am unable to charge.”
Dell: “I Apologize for the inconvenience caused.”
Chris Asbury: “I do not intend to ship this device to you yet again. So please, mail me a new battery and a new charger. I will return any faulty equipment and anything I don’t need.”
Dell: “Could you please provide me with a detailed description of the issue? This would help me assist you better.”
Chris Asbury: “Uh. The battery is dead and will not charge.”
Dell: “Did you check with another adapter?”
Chris Asbury: “No, but if you mail me one with the new battery, I will be able to confirm the diagnosis.”
Dell: “Sure.”
Dell: “How ever just to confirm , Does the system get power on using the Adapter?”
Chris Asbury: “No.”
Chris Asbury: “It no longer turns on, even on A/C power”
Dell: “Chris the issue seems to be with the system motherboard.”
Dell: “Replacing the battery would not fix the issue .”
Chris Asbury: “Seriously? Again?”
Dell: “we would need to replace the system motherboard again.”
Chris Asbury: “How about this, I just mail it back to you, you refund whatever is left on it, and I just buy a better built computer?”
Dell: “I understand how inconvenient this must be for you; I would do my best to resolve the problem that you are experiencing.”
Dell: “As a hardware technician , I can only fix the issue for you.”
Dell: “If you wish to check for refund , You can contact our customer care department.”
Chris Asbury: “My issue is not with you personally, trust me. I have a dell from 2003 that has worked flawlessly. This mini 9, however is a piece of shit.”
Chris Asbury: “Can you just mail a new MB to me?”
Chris Asbury: “I have done enough computer builds to handle it.”
Dell: “Chris,I motherboard need service technician to replace it.”
Chris Asbury: “Lame. Ok. Can you at least waive the shipping fees, as this is the 3rd time I will have sent it to you.”
Dell: “I would suggest you to send the system back to Dell, I will ensure complete issue is fixed and you get good working system after repair.”
Dell: “This issue would be covered under warranty.”
Chris Asbury: “Which is what I have been told the last two times I have done this.”
Chris Asbury: “But not the shipping.”
Dell: “I will send you a prepaid empty box, You can put the system in the box and send the system back to Dell.”

Dell: “Just in case if our technician want to reformat your system hard drive , are you fine with it? How ever reformatting the hard drive would wipe out complete data on it.”
Chris Asbury: “Why would a new motherboard require a hard drive reformat?”


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  1. lol’d. but idk why you would ever buy dell. the proprietary hardware alone was enough to turn me off forever. finally just built my own bout a year and a half ago, and im never going back.

  2. I just wanted the Mini so I could put SnowLeopard on it. Plus you can’t build a Mini. Though my desktop and server are all home made.

  3. I laughed. I think everyone I know who has a mini told me never to be a Dell mini.

  4. ALL mini’s suck!!!

  5. To be fair when it works, it is a great device. The fact that I have had to have the POS repaired 3 god damned times in less than a year shows how far downhill Dell has gone. It is a problem with Dell’s Quality Assurance. Sophia bought a Dell and had problems. My ex got a Dell and had problems. My Dell from 3 years ago is fine. Slow as hell, but fine.

  6. Wait. Typo. My old Dell is from 2003 not 3 years ago.

    • David on April 22, 2011 at 9:31 am
    • Reply

    Hi Chris, did they ever resolve the issue with your mini 9? I have done the same as you and it still doesn’t work! POS! I hate f**kin DELL! Of course it’s out of warranty it has been sent in numerous times before it expired.

    I thank you for your time,


    1. Not really. The “solution” was to send me a new device.

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