Education vs. Pregnancy

The Center for Disease Control has found that the states that are most against things like “teaching safe sex”, “why you shouldn’t put butter in everything” or “reading”, are the states with the highest rates of teen pregnancy. I know. How unbelievable? You mean to say the uneducated pop out more kids? Why would they do that? Why would stupid people pass on their stupidity?

Oh right. It’s because they have shit else to do. Here’s the thing. If you are successful, and have a career, and have self control, you tend to focus on making a good life for yourself. Sure you may want children, but the important point, is that when you have children, they will have a GOOD LIFE. But when you’re dumb, you don’t know any better. I love when people say things like “well I grew up like that and look at me”. Right. With your 300 lb ass and your trailer home for all 7 of your unclothed children. Yeah. Look at you.

Smart people have self control. They put off what they want until they can afford it. Stupid people rely on impulse. They want something now, so they get it. Even if they can’t afford it. Or take care of it, like a child.

Stupid people can’t have careers. They have jobs. They go from dead end, low wage job to dead end, low wage job. When you ask what they do for a living, they always say “Well right now…” If you have a career, you usually do the same basic thing for a long time. You may move jobs, but the idea remains the same. I have been in hotels for 10 years. That’s my career.

So if you’re dumb, and all you’ve ever known is to be dumb. You can’t get a good job because you didn’t get an education. You can’t make any money because you don’t have a good job. What else is there? Oh yeah. Pop out a god damn child, so you can pass your miserable excuse for a life on. Fuck trying to better yourself. Let’s just create a miniature waste of space. Just like daddy.

Except now, we’ve gotten to the point, where you don’t need daddy to be dumb. Teen age chicks go from being into boy bands to being mommy. Overnight. No one tells them about condoms. Or, if they do, they talk about birth control as if it’s “naughty”. The fucking isn’t bad. Just being smart about it. Abortions? That’s a sin. Raising your children without a father while living in squalor? That’s just part of the “bad times” in life. It will get better.

I wish the CDC did research on the ages of the grandmothers. I guarantee you they were teen moms, too. Generations of dumb fucks fucking up my planet. All they do is consume. When was the last time you heard of a medical breakthrough by a teenage parent? When did their children come up with some amazing scientific theory? Never. They just take up space, reproduce, take up more space, get in trouble with the law, take up more space.

What I love most about it, is these are the states that are always talking about “family values”. (insert joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter having a child out of wedlock). What values? This isn’t a race to see who can out pollute the gene pool first. Oh right. Pollution is part of that “global warming” lie. The CDC found that the problem was lack of education. Most Americans still think the Morning After Pill is abortive. Michelle Bachmann said that HPV vaccines caused autism. These people are anti knowledge. They cling to mythological explanations. I wouldn’t be surprised that these teen age mothers actually think a stork snuck in their windows and knocked them up.

Why aren’t we doing anything about this? Sure acknowledging it is the first step, but it is way beyond the time we should be coming up with a solution. Sterilize these idiots. Seriously.

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