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Some of my last few posts have been angry tirades upon the stupidity permeating society. To be fair, I have decided to write this post which will contain my solutions for the problems I see, phrased in a positive light. This is a work in progress. Many of these ideas might not work. Most will. Enjoy.

To me, the largest problem facing the United States, is people having children even though they are neither ready nor capable of doing so… well. This causes a cycle of unfit parenting. What I propose is a school. This school (or schools) will teach you not only reading and writing, but also logic, common sense, deductive reasoning, etc. All the traits I think are necessary in civilized society. It will be a boarding school. The goal is to take the children out of these unhealthy environments and offer them a new environment that promotes their intellectual growth. After 20 years or so, the students will be fit to raise healthy intelligent children. I’d also like to start a kind of draft, where once you have graduated you are required to spend 5 years passing this information on. You become the new teacher.

To encourage parents to willingly give their children a better life, I will offer some sort of incentive. Let’s say no income tax while their children are in school. During this time, these parents will have time to attend my free therapy, rehab, and education programs to teach them how to be better parents and have a better life.

Next, we, as a nation, need to SERIOUSLY deal with birth control. We need to find a way to stop people from reproducing. I want to mandate that all people have some form of long lasting birth control. I love the idea of the IUDs. I wish there was a male version. In any case, having children should be a privilege, not a right. You should PROVE that you can raise children BEFORE you have them. If you are an unfit parent, who has to pick up the pieces? Society. We are the ones that have to deal with the crimes and waste of space people of whom you can’t take care. The problem is that when you are an idiot that has a child, they become idiots also, since you can’t give them the intelligence you don’t have, and then they have their own idiot children.

Why does this country not help its citizens with housing? Have you seen Compton? What about all the trailer parks? Let’s create a national project, where everyone chips in to build houses. Eventually we’ll build your new house. No more “low rent” districts. Everyone gets a place to live AS LONG AS THEY PARTICIPATE.

Finally, garbage. I have noticed that the larger the city, the more trash on the streets. Makes sense. Let’s do something about it. I have long advocated paying the homeless to keep the streets clean.  They just have to pick up trash, remove graffiti, etc and they  get food and a place to stay. If they decide they don’t want to live on the streets anymore, they can attend one of my free therapy, rehab or education programs.

Well, those are some of my ideas. I think that within two or three generations, we will be in a much better place as a nation.

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    • Zoe on September 2, 2010 at 4:22 am
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  1. While I agree with most of this, I of course have some comments. I thought one of biggest problems with people is you couldn’t teach common sense. Some people just don’t have it. Though I do like the idea of the boarding school. Kids though would eventually need to be separated. For the ones who get it and understand, and then for the ones who are still slower and still don’t get it and will therefore need a lot more extra help.

    Also I really like the idea of having the homeless clean up the streets to earn their keep, so to speak. But what of the crazydrunkhigh or combo ones? Yes, we can do rehab for the alcoholics and the drug addicts, but what of the ones with severe mental issues? Therapy can only do so much and in the end, we’re paying for them no matter what. I could potentially be okay with this, depending on what the issue was.

    Last having kids SHOULD be a privilege. I definitely don’t like the spread of the stupid gene. I also think if you are deemed unworthy to have children you should be promptly sterilized, just in case you try to cheat.

    And while a lot of people might disagree with this, some people are just going to have to be killed. No if ands or buts about it. Whether or not people believe it, there are plenty of people out there that have the supposed ‘evil’ gene. And it’s not really a gene, as a missing link of things like empathy and sympathy in the brain. That can’t be taught because it’s simply not there. Unless we can develop a way to say, electrically shock the brain to connect the ‘harm to others = bad’ link, certain people need to be killed ASAP. That’s all.

  2. Well this was supposed to be the “positive”. I agree some people need to be permanently removed. I just didn’t mention them here.

  3. GAS CHAMBERS!!!!!

  4. (ZOE)

  5. Ooh. Right. Positive. Got it. I dont see anything negative about getting rid of societies scum.

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