Scrabble 2.0

Many of you have heard that Scrabble has decided to dumb down the famous game to allow those with less than normal intellect play the game using proper nouns. While most people are concerned by the fact this will encourage stupid people to be lazy, I feel sorry for Hasbro.

Think about it. The economy has gotten to them. Can you imagine the board room meeting when this idea was first suggested?

“People aren’t buying our game because they aren’t smart enough to play it.”

“Let’s add proper nouns to appeal to the dumb and ignorant.”


“Well that’s all we can do, really.”

I can’t tell if we should blame the economy or the education system or both, but somewhere, we have let society down. It is sad to see Hasbro caving in like this, but really, what choice did they have? Parents aren’t able to afford to teach their children how to spell. The education system faces budget cut after budget cut.

Look at any news article about the Tea Party. Look at their signs. How many typos/legitimately stupid posters do you see? These are the ones reproducing at an alarming rate. These are the ones that don’t make enough to buy “them elitist liberal no how to spell games”.

We’re fucked.

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