The Marriage Fallacy

With the recent gay rights advancement in New York, I thought it time I voice my views on gay marriage. There seem to be two arguments against it. First, is the idea of marriage sanctity. Second the idea that homosexuality is a sin. Let’s break this down, shall we?

I’ll skip the “sin” nonsense because religion is a method to control people and as such the concept of sin is as well. There is good and there is bad. Nothing will cause you to burn forever in a hell. That’s childish idiocy. Either you do good things to help society or you don’t.

Christians and the GOP love to claim that marriage is a privilege only to be enjoyed by heterosexuals. Thus the Defense of Marriage Act. What is so sanctified about marriage? Webster defines “Sactity” as holiness or sacred. If it’s so sacred or holy, why do 46% of marriages end in divorce? Let alone the adultery rates. Marriage hasn’t really been relevant in decades. It used to be a way of declaring to the world undying love for your spouse. Now it’s merely a legal tool to share health benefits or tax breaks.

We are at a philosophical cross road. Conservatives are clinging to an antiquated idea. They fear irrelevancy. The truth is that love is fleeting and humans rarely find their soul mates. In the mean time, people should be able to express that love without fear of retribution. Gay people, like straight people, love whomever they love. No one can take that away. Allowing them to marry simply lets them make it official. I’m sure their divorce rates will be just as high as straight divorces. While they are married, they should be able to enjoy the same rights as everyone else. Blocking them from getting married is as rational as blocking blondes from marrying.

I doubt any rational person buys into the “slippery slope” rhetoric you see on Fox News. They just fear realizing they were wrong. That’s it. Just like racism, those in power are afraid of losing that power. When they lose the power they hold over others, they are faced with equality, which is something they can’t accept.

Let people be people. Treat them as people. It’s not like it affects anyone else. You know the difference in my day when Bob and Tom get married? NOTHING. I still go to work, pay my bills, watch TV and play with my cat. You know the difference in Bob and Tom’s day? They get to be respected as humans and equals.

God forbid. Oh. Wait. God’s not real, and neither is the marriage fallacy.

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