About Me

ChrisCigarMy name is Chris. I currently live in Seattle, though I’m formerly from California. When I’m not complaining about things over which I have no control, I work in the Hospitality industry and work on my standup comedy routine. While I think the party system in the United States is flawed, I could best be described as a Libertarian or Democrat. I am a proud atheist and think religion is something stupid people use to explain things they don’t understand.

I have a degree in Digital Design from the Art Institute of Seattle. My forte is Print Production and mediocre Web Design.

This site is for my rants and ravings. You may express your opinions, but keep in mind that I am always right.

When possible I include my source information. You are more than welcome to use my stuff, just link back, and let me know about it. I retain all credit except for the images I have blatantly stolen.

For my art gallery, check out That One Site.