Generation Moron

I have noticed, lately, that we have an epidemic of stupid. Now, I know I complain about stupid people all the time, but I’m mainly talking about the generation after mine. The people born in the 90s. They seem to be the “now” generation. All they  think about is right now. They can’t think about the future and consequences. They don’t care about history because, “that was a long time ago”.

All that matters is the now. They don’t care about drug use or unprotected sex, because the consequences are in the future. Did you know, that many young women have anal sex BEFORE vaginal sex. The idea is that “virginity” only applies to the vagina as apposed to the original meaning, “chastity”. Let that logic sink in for a bit. “Hey baby, want to have sex?” “I want to stay a virgin… so put it in my ass.” What the fuck is wrong with people? Back in the 50s (you know, history) oral sex was something intimate. It was only performed long after marriage, because it was something special. Now? It’s part of “making out”. Seriously.

Then comes the history part. Well, to be fair, it’s history and everything else that our schools aren’t teaching. Did you know that the vast majority of Americans can’t name a single branch of the US government? I’m not saying list ALL of the branches. They couldn’t list ANY of them. (Judicial, Executive, and Legislative for my younger readers). These are the people that will be running this country in a few decades. And I’m not talking about 7 year olds. I’m talking 20+ year olds. People who can legally drink and vote, but have absolutely no clue how our system of government works. I am so thrilled when young people say they don’t vote. Thank Keanu. The last thing we need is morons running shit. Well MORE morons anyway.

So what caused this? Some say the internet is dumbing down society, because we don’t need to memorize anything. I can accept that, but if that’s the case, then we should at least be able to locate the information if we need it. That doesn’t’ seem to be the case. It’s more like the capacity to learn has diminished. Is it our education system? I know that it is flawed, because of the results it is producing, but all I hear about are schools needing more money. Is it that we need more money to hire better teachers? If so, then who the fuck is teaching now? If we have good teachers, but want to reward them, then why are they doing such a piss poor job?

No. I think the problem is that our brains are shrinking. I think that after generations of stupid people reproducing, we have reached the point where our offspring are not smart enough to learn. This isn’t about culture or religion. It’s about dumb. We are simply too dumb to learn now.

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